Set up the defense for a mismatch

By Tom Reiter, formerly of Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, Pennsylvania

This is a play that incorporates spacing and the opportunity for a mismatch situation needed to give the offense a momentary quick-hitting advantage.



DIAGRAMĀ 1: In a three-out, two-low alignment, both post players (4 and 5) are wide of the lane for spacing and isolation purposes. 1 passes to 2 and cuts to the ball-side corner.







DIAGRAM 2: 4 comes up to set a screen on the ball. As 2 dribbles off the screen, 1 cuts across the lane to screen for 5. 2 passes to 5 for a layup.







DIAGRAM 3: If the post up is not there, 4 screens for 1 for a jump shot. 3 spots up on the weak side for a possible skip pass from 2.